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Absolutely amazing. Pure and completely worth it. Truly loved the Face-wash and Tulsi Drops. Highly recommended. — Priyancka, Lifestyle Coach -India

The products have amazing results. My favourite is Baloka Onion Hair Oil, have been using it for the last 3 months and the results are overwhelming.  The cherry on the cake is the price effectiveness of the products.  Thank you Nutravel! — Niharika, Govt. of the United Kingdom -UK

Amazing products. They have a personal touch with every client and product of theirs. I highly recommend them to my peers. I ordered their sanitizer for the office and it was amazing. Good job! — Purnima Yadav, Pilot -India

These guys are doing a fantastic job.They are providing sanitizers at meager prices with good quality in the bad time. While on the other side we see other companies or vendors charging high prices due to this covid-19 pandemic. — Shiven, Business Development -Canada

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