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h  e  a  l  t  h  c  a  r  e


Quality and safety are considered paramount at our manufacturing facility where we conduct regulated research, development, manufacture, testing, and distribution of our products. To maintain quality & and safety standards, our facility has well-defined procedures and systems in place in compliance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure that our operating procedures meet the standards of international regulators. With stringent quality guidelines in every step from sourcing to the finished product followed by Nutravel Healthcare, we aim to produce genuine, safe, and effective herbal products that have medicinal properties and are made with modern equipment starting with traditional ayurvedic practices.
We believe in delivering exceptional value to our customers through competitive prices, standardized manufacturing processes, and innovative products.

Hotel /Resort & Spa

Discover the range of Ayurvedic Products at Nutravel Healthcare for natural skin, body, and hair and medicines, successfully supplied to hotels, resorts, and spa centers.

All the products are made with natural ingredients and are used in Ayurvedic therapies to calm the mind, body, and spirit.

•    Ayurvedic Herbal Infusions- These herbal drinks made with natural ingredients helps in the improvement of health conditions.

•    Herbal Cosmetics- Formulated with all the natural ingredients that revive and rejuvenate the body.

•    Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines- Consists of all the herbal and Ayurvedic medicines that help to heal any health-related issues.

•    Books- Guide to preparing various Ayurvedic cuisines and conducting therapeutic massages.

•    Ayurvedic Clinics & Hospitals
•    Wellness Spas
•    Treatment Centres
•    Hotels and Resorts
Please mail us our bulk product brochure and price list.


Nutravel Healthcare is one of the leading companies in manufacturing Ayurvedic products in India; specializing in blending Ayurvedic science for formulation and development of Ayurvedic/herbal products to counter health-related challenges of modern lifestyle.

All our products are manufactured under the supervision of our experienced personnel.

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art facility, providing comprehensive manufacturing services for Ayurvedic and herbal products.

Our Manufacturing Policy:

  • Pre-production analysis to ensure the quality & and efficiency of raw material; that the herbs used in the manufacturing of the ayurvedic/herbal product are authentic, of prescribed quality, and free from contamination. Our manufacturing process complies with all SOPs as prescribed to maintain the standards.

  • Adequate quality control measures are followed to produce genuine and authentic herbal products.

  • Strict quality check by the quality control team before launching in trade.

Our Accreditation & Certifications:

Our unit is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified unit by the Licensing Authority of the Ayurveda Department for Ayurvedic and Unani Services.

Raw Materials:

Nutravel Healthcare undergoes a very rigorous process of validation and processing of raw materials. The raw materials used are procured directly from farmers and are further sent for a quality check to ensure that they meet the standards set by us. This also helps in ensuring the best quality products.

Become our Worldwide Distributor

We at Nutravel Healthcare invite people in India and other countries to join our mission to spread Ayurveda which is a key to health.

We know that your knowledge and enthusiasm are important to the growth and success of our company; so be part of our team and spread Ayurveda – our traditional science of healing.


Key Features

1. The company has accumulated experience more than 30 Years

2. Our facility is GMP Certified

3. All our products are of international standards

4. All our raw materials are sourced from farmers that are the best in quality

5. All products are manufactured after standardized research and testing.

6. We follow the NO ANIMAL TESTING policy.

7. All our products are found to be 100% Safe.

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